Joyce Giraud Says Brandi Glanville’s Apology Was “Fake as She Is” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud Says Brandi Glanville’s Apology Was “Fake as She Is” (VIDEO)

Things seemed to lighten up between the ladies on last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Brandi Glanville apologized to Joyce Giraud for her behavior at the dinner party. But Joyce now feels that the apology was fake.

Joyce appears on Watch What Happens Live this week and is asked by a caller if she feels that Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump enabled Brandi's behavior during the tense dinner, given that there wasn't bad behavior during the following night.

"The reason why you didn't see bad behavior is because that night, after that horrible dinner from hell, Brandi said, 'Okay, I won't call you 'Hoy-say' again if it bothers you because you were bullied,'" Joyce says.

"But watching this episode, I got really upset at myself for being so lenient on her, because she did say to Yolanda, 'Oh, I don't want to ruin Hoysita's trip,'" Joyce continues. "So guess what? Her apology was fake, as she is."

"I should have known better I should have trusted my gut instinct," she adds. "I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. I can't blame it on Yolanda and Lisa I do think they needed to stop giving excuses for her."

Do you agree that Brandi's apology was fake? And do you think Lisa and Yolanda should have been harder on Brandi?

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