Joyce Giraud: Brandi Glanville “ALWAYS Plays the Victim”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud: Brandi Glanville “ALWAYS Plays the Victim”

The aftermath of the incident on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that we'll refer to as "Hairgate" continues, and Joyce Giraud isn't pulling any punches about Brandi Glanville's involvement.

On this week's episode, we see Joyce talking to Kyle about how Lisa Vanderpump doesn't want to meet with her following their spat about Joyce trying to fix Lisa's hair. Now, Joyce blames the whole thing on Brandi.

"I still can't believe that, as always, Brandi tried to twist the truth after stirring the pot to shift the responsibility away from herself," Joyce writes in her Bravo blog. "Unfortunately, she is one of those people who ALWAYS plays the victim and believes nothing is EVER her fault."

"Nevertheless, back then I wasn't entirely aware of this, so I still wanted to get to know all the ladies and, as you saw, decided to invited all of the girls on the trip I was planning to Palm Springs," Joyce adds. And you can be sure this trip will lead to plenty of drama!

Meanwhile, Joyce is proud of Kim and daughter Kimberly following Kimberly's graduation. "Watching Kim with her daughter Kimberly was beautiful," Joyce writes.

Do you think Joyce should be accepting more of the blame for creating the hair-fixing drama?

Source: Joyce's Bravo blog