Joyce Giraud’s Husband Michael Ohoven Says She’s “So Hot” (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud’s Husband Michael Ohoven Says She’s “So Hot” (PHOTO)

Typically, you can't really argue with something that a sign tells you, like ones that give the speed limit. And the same is true here about a sign that new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Joyce Giraud's husband is pointing at her.

Joyce, who's 38, took to Instagram to post of photo of herself getting silly with husband Michael Ohoven at some kind of photo shoot. "My baby!!!!" is what Joyce captions the photo.

We're not exactly sure what's going on in this photo, as they appear to be wearing funny hats while holding up signs for each other for some reason. Michael's sign says "so hot" with an arrow pointed at Joyce, while Joyce's says, "I love you." Aww! Three words: Cutest. Signs. Ever.

We love this pic, since it shows that the couple who married in 2009 and have two children are still so smitten with another. And there's clearly no way you can argue with Michael's sign, as Joyce is undeniably a knock-out!

In fact, we're not the only ones who think Joyce is smokin'. She is a two-time Miss Puerto Rico winner and was second runner-up at the 1998 Miss Universe pageant. Not too shabby.

And she's clearly still got a knack for modeling, as she appears on the cover of the current issue of ¡HOLA! Puerto Rico.

We can't wait to learn more about this sign-loving couple when they start appearing on Season 4 of Real Housewives, which premieres November 4.

Source: Instagram