Joyce Giraud: Kyle Richards Is “Being Influenced by the Wrong People”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud: Kyle Richards Is “Being Influenced by the Wrong People”

At the beginning of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, perhaps the tightest friendship was the one between Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud. However, Joyce is now offering some criticism of Kyle's recent behavior.

Joyce writes in her Bravo blog that Kyle is wrong to believe Brandi Glanville's story about Lisa Vanderpump wanting to bring the tabloids to Palm Springs. "After the Puerto Rico trip, I advised Kyle to really look at who instigated what," Joyce writes. "As much as I like Kyle, I do believe she was being influenced by the wrong people."

Joyce also disses Carlton Gebbia for not defending Lisa more adamantly. "I do feel Carlton should have stood up stronger for Lisa," Joyce writes. "For the woman who loves to scream and swear, she seemed too tame and friendly with Brandi and Yolanda after Lisa poured her hear out to her about the attack."

It's interesting to see how close Joyce and Lisa have apparently gotten, as Joyce now backs up Lisa at every opportunity. And we wonder if Joyce's friendship with Brandi will no longer be as strong as it once was.

Do you agree that Kyle is listening to the wrong people?

Source: Joyce's Bravo blog