RHoBH’s Joyce Giraud Slams THIS Co-Star: She’s Not a “Girls’ Girl,” “Talks Trash”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHoBH’s Joyce Giraud Slams THIS Co-Star: She’s Not a “Girls’ Girl,” “Talks Trash”

During this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, tension continued to build between Joyce Giraud and Brandi Glanville, not to mention between Brandi and Carlton Gebbia. Now, Joyce has some harsh words for both of those ladies.

"When I saw the episode, I was shocked at Brandi's audacity to tell Lisa that 'they' (a.k.a. the girls in the limo) were making fun of her faint, when she was the one who made the most fun of it," Joyce writes in her Bravo blog.

Joyce says she thought that she and Carlton were friends, so the fact that Carlton has been bashing her in her Bravo blog and in interviews is a "shock to me" and "a bit hurtful, coming from someone who NEVER told me she had a problem with me," Joyce writes.

"After I saw the first episode, the first thing I did was call Carlton," Joyce says. "We had a great conversation; she told me she adored me, and she had my f—king back 100 percent. I wish she would've told me how she REALLY felt at any given time. Perhaps it would be easier to swallow than to hear someone saying such unpleasant things about you when they smile to your face.

Joyce doesn't like that Carlton reacted harshly to Kyle's questions but not to Brandi calling her the c-word. "Don't say you are a girls' girl, then talk trash about the girls around you if you can't tell them to their face!" Joyce says.

Sounds like Joyce and Carlton aren't quite as close as Joyce may have thought.

Source: Joyce's Bravo blog

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