Joyce Giraud: I Shouldn’t Have Supported Kyle Richards at the Dinner Table
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud: I Shouldn’t Have Supported Kyle Richards at the Dinner Table

After Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken leave the dinner table in Puerto Rico on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Joyce Giraud tells Kyle Richards that she was right to confront Lisa about the tabloid rumor. However, Joyce no longer feels that way.

"I wish I would've seen what happened at the beach because back then, I thought Lisa owed Kyle and Mauricio an answer to their question about the tabloids," Joyce writes in her Bravo blog. "But they did give them an answer at the beach, so I can now understand their frustration when all the others were ganging up on them at the dinner table."

Joyce doesn't understand why Brandi waited so long to bring up the tabloid drama. "Why blame it now on Lisa just because [Brandi] is jealous [of Kyle]?" Joyce asks. "Yolanda with her whole 'Hollywood friendship' and Brandi with her whole jealousy about the fact that Lisa and Kyle were getting closer was quite pathetic."

It's interesting that Joyce has had a change of heart about her take on the drama. We would have assumed that Joyce would continue to side with Kyle, since Joyce and Kyle have been fast friends, so it's interesting that Joyce no longer thinks Kyle was in the right.

Do you agree that Kyle shouldn't have asked Lisa about the tabloids at dinner?

Source: Bravo

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