Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum Announce Baby’s Sex! It’s a…
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Ashley Hebert

Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum Announce Baby’s Sex! It’s a…

Any new member of Bachelor Nation is a welcome one, and we’re especially looking forward to Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s contribution to the rose mafia. The Season 7 Bachelorette couple announced their pregnancy just a month ago, and now they’re revealing their baby’s sex: It’s a… Bachelor!

The sweet couple, who wed in December 2012, have been showing off their pregnancy progress on Instagram, with their first child due in October. On Monday, J.P. tweeted that they were on the way to the doctor to find out what color they’d be painting the nursery while sporting a blue shirt and pink tie. “Jockstraps or tampons, what's it gonna be? Less than an hour away!! #babyR @ashhebert,” the contractor future-dad wrote.

Today, on April 30, Ash and her handsome hubby chatted to People about their big gender news, revealing that they’re expecting a little cupcake boy this fall. “I definitely saw J.P.’s profile on the ultrasound,” Ash told the mag. “I’m gonna be living with two J.P.s!” Um, hello, that’s literally our dream come true…

J.P. is stoked about the news not just for himself, but for his fam too. “As excited as I am for this, I think I’m just as excited for my parents. This is their first grandchild and [now] the Rosenbaum name lives on. Not to mention that my dad already called dibs on his first baseball mitt.” That sounds like a killer game of catch. Perhaps Baby Rosenbaum will grab his dad’s height and mom’s athleticism — Ashley is a former dancer, in case you didn’t know — and end up going pro!

Both parents took to Twitter about the big news, with J.P. confirming the jockstraps coming in the future, and Ashley getting straight up pumped. “Its a BOY!!!!!!!!! :))))) We're thrilled!!!” the tiny lady, who just turned 30, tweeted.

As for why they wanted to find out their baby’s gender, Ashley said it all comes down to fashion and planning. Girlfriend loves a good outfit and wanted to have plenty of time to pick out the garb for her little man-to-be. Perhaps by the time he comes along, fellow Bach baby Beckett Rycroft Strickland — brand new son of Melissa Rycroft Strickland — will have outgrown his duds and can pass em on! Or, at least, the second-time mommy can pass on some of her boy-raising wisdom to Ashley and J.P. Sharing is caring in the land of the roses.

Congrats on the news, guys!

What do you think of the big word on the little guy? Share your congratulations below!

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