JP Rosenbaum Having a “Dad-chelor” Party Before Baby Rosenbaum is Born
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JP Rosenbaum Having a “Dad-chelor” Party Before Baby Rosenbaum is Born

Men sure do have it rough when their significant others are pregnant... said no woman ever. Women get all the fun: the swollen ankles, the stretch marks, the constant attention focused on their ever-growing belly. What do men get? To-do lists. It’s about the least fair arrangement for men in the free world. Until now! Ashley Hebert’s hubby J.P. Rosenbaum has come up with a solution for men everywhere: don’t let her have all the fun, treat yo’self to a Dad-chelor party!

Snark aside, it’s kind of brilliant — how else can you get the menfolk excited about the late-night diaper changes to come? And J.P. has taken the ingeniousness one step further by getting his last bash before sleeplessness sponsored. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is throwing him a bro baby bash (free booze included), which means J.P.’s been dutifully tweeting about the sponsorship for the past few days.

So what does a Dad-chelor party look like? In an interview with Newsday, the soon-to-be daddy revealed it will be a pretty swank event — it’s being hosted at the W Hotel in Manhattan.

“Ashley and I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of baby showers thrown for us, but as with wedding showers, I think those may be a bit more fun for her than me,” says J.P. The Dad-chelor party “is the male equivalent.” We will take that to mean they won’t be playing any staple shower games like “Guess What’s in the Diaper” — sheesh guys, why the heck not?

The event will be held this Saturday, August 9, and J.P. will be live-tweeting during the festivities. Since the party is sponsored, we bet we can expect a tweet or two featuring the alcoholic lemonade. Maybe they will play “Guess What’s in the Diaper” after all…

What do you think of the “Dad-chelor” party idea? Good fun, or get back to rubbing her feet?! Sound off in the comments.

Source: Newsday