JP Rosenbaum Shares His Feelings on Breastfeeding Etiquette
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JP Rosenbaum Shares His Feelings on Breastfeeding Etiquette

We would like to take a moment to thank Bachelorette Season 7 winner J.P. Rosenbaum for using Twitter as his own personal amusement park. Sometimes, he tweets with wife Ashley Hebert about her Bachelorette Season 9 crush, Drew Kenney, other times he waxes random things about boobs.

On June 28, JP tweeted, “Whats proper etiquette when it comes to breast feeding in public? What i saw this morn on NJ Transit was def pushin the envelope! #sideboob” Uh. What are you now, a #lactivist? Interesting question for a man who stirs up rumors (aka hopeful ponderance) every time he and Ash even mention popping out a child. We’re hoping for two: a tiny little Hebert and a super tall Rosenbaum to carry on the awkward picture framing.

But rather than get a straight answer to his boobalicious question, he got a little outlash from the Twittersphere. One person told him he should stand down before he got a stroller wheel to the head (in milder terms), while another suggested that the alternative (a screaming child) was worse than any sneak peek could ever be.

So, are he and Ash trying to do research in preparation for an impending little nugget? Not so much. Team Cupcake isn’t going to be sprinkling or frosting until Ashley finishes her dental residency in 2014.

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06.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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