J.P. Rosenbaum Tells Ashley Hebert That He Cheated In…
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The Bachelorette

J.P. Rosenbaum Tells Ashley Hebert That He Cheated In…

Stop everything you're doing (crocheting a life-sized doll of Chris Harrison) and clutch your pearls. It appears as though our favorite baldilocks, J.P. Rosenbaum, has cheated on his Bachelorette bride, Ashley Hebert. We might have to whip up an impromptu voodoo doll.

Oh, wait — nevermind! False alarm, friends, J.P. is still the perfect man. Turns out he just cheated on Ashley in his dreams. Phew!

"Sorry that I may or may not have dream cheated on you last night @ashhebert," J.P. tweeted to his 147k followers. "Love you!"

While we're relieved that J.P. stayed faithful to Ashley in real life, let's get real: dreams are just as important. After all, they're where all our erotic fantasies about Chris Harrison take place. In fact, some people think dreams are the subconscious' way of revealing one's inner-most desires, in which case J.P. has some serious explaining to do.

So far, Ashley hasn't commented on J.P.'s not-so-sweet tweet (probably because she's too busy crying into a pillow), but the real question: Who was the girl he was cheating with? We'd like to think J.P. is secretly in love with us, but it's more likely that he was lusting after one of his fellow Bachelor Nation stars.

We hear Courtney Robertson is dream-single, just saying.

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