Juan Pablo Admits Relationship With Nikki Ferrell Has “Ups and Downs”
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Admits Relationship With Nikki Ferrell Has “Ups and Downs”

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell continue to mystify Bachelor Nation. Not only did the Season 18 Bachelor not propose to Nikki during the finale, but they’re still not engaged five months later. Plus, Bachelor/ette couple successors Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are already affianced and in the midst of ordering flowers for their wedding. So is an engagement coming anytime soon for JPG and Nikki?

We need a Magic 8 Ball to answer that one. At his recent birthday party, JPG told a reporter that their relationship has its “ups and downs.” We hear that — that’s kinda what happens when you date in the real world versus reality TV.

The reporter created an awkward moment for the duo by asking Nikki, “You have a ring already?” The blonde beauty stabbed him with her eye sockets while El Bachelor explained the ring she was sporting on her middle finger was a “regular ring,” not a diamonds are forever ring. Sigh.

Despite being shy to commit, the two do seem as though they’re doing OK. While they live in different time zones — he’s in Miami and she’s in Kansas City — Nikki said they see each other “every two weeks, at least.” And Juan Pabs recently confessed his love for her via Twitter, which is the first public display of the L-bomb we’ve seen from the couple.

So while they may not be moving at warp speed, they are taking steps forward, which is really all you can hope for from two kids in love. After all, it’s only on TV that a couple would get pressured to get engaged so soon after meeting...

Do you think it’s OK for them to wait, or should he propose already? Tell us your thoughts!

Source: Univision