Juan Pablo Galavis Bet HOW MUCH Money on a Soccer Game?
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Juan Pablo Galavis Bet HOW MUCH Money on a Soccer Game?

Juan Pablo Galavis is quite adept at making money through sports. He started out as a pro soccer player back in the day, and now his day job entails collecting memoribilia from Major League Baseball and taking it back to Venezuela. (Couldn’t you just cut out the middle man and have the teams just FedEx that stuff to Venezuela? Anyway, we digress.) Now, JPG appears to have caught the sports-gambling bug.

Juan Pablo who was rumored to have money issues in his pre-Bachelor life has been turning to all sorts of surprising methods to make extra cash lately. Indeed, he’s rumored to be pocketing $20,000 this weekend for a nightclub appearance. And he just won a tidy sum by betting on his favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona.

Barca as the team is colloquially known played rival Spanish club Real Madrid in a match known as “El Clasico” over the weekend. And JPG had quite a few reasons to be happy that his team won. He had 100 reasons, to be exact, as he won $100 in a bet with friend.

And while most people would probably have a tough time turning down a hundred big ones, Juan Pablo went the altruistic route by asking that his friend donate the sum to help fund a seven-month-old baby’s heart transplant procedure. “It’s definitely a BETTER way of getting paid THOSE $100,” Juan Pablo tweets to his friend.

It’s very sweet that Juan Pabs has encouraged his buddy to hand the winnings over to such a good cause. This shows his paternal side, suggesting that there’s more to Juan Pablo than the combativeness we saw at his ATFR special earlier this month. Plus, he must not be having money problems if he can afford to make wagers with that kind of dough.

That said, he might want to keep the extravagant sports bets to a minimum. As the ancient proverb goes, “Reality TV stars only have a finite window of time during which they can still get paid for nightclub appearances.” At least, we think that’s an ancient proverb. (And it it’s not, it should be.)

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo bet that much money on a soccer game?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter