Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman Says Juan Pablo Is “The Breakup That Never Ends” (VIDEO)

Uh-oh. Looks like Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is one shady lady! The Season 10 star of the ABC show stopped by E! to chat with Season 6 predecessor Ali Fedotowsky and Giuliana Rancic on the day after her Season 10 Premiere. Their first question for the 27-year-old gang prosecutor? How she feels about the rambly, capitalized message Season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis posted on Facebook for her on the day of her premiere.

Some highlights of the interview included his telling her not to be a PUPPET and reminding her that she's lucky his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell, is her friend so that he could "explain you VERY well what you were getting into." For her part, Andi just shakes her head and rolls her eyes, commenting that Juan Pablo is "the breakup that never ends." Adds the Atlanta girl, "I've moved on, I'm ready for him to." OUCH! (See, Juan Pablo, THAT's how you use the Caps LOCK key...)

As fans will remember, Andi confronted Juan Pablo after the Fantasy Suite date she called "a nightmare," in which JPG only talked about himself all night, dropping names, and being the worst EVER. After telling him off, Andi quit the show, and the rest is history. Well, for her at least.

The co-hosts also chatted more with Andi about her current season favorites, and then try to set her up with one of their own using a fun dating game. You know, just in case things with her reported winner don't work out...