Juan Pablo Galavis “Controlling” a “Complacent” Nikki Ferrell? Rumor Patrol
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Nikki Ferrell

Juan Pablo Galavis “Controlling” a “Complacent” Nikki Ferrell? Rumor Patrol

The Bachelor 2014 is over and Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have frolicked off into the distance, way far away from the show. But according to an E! Online report, that might not be the best thing for pediatric nurse Nikki. A source for the site proclaims that they are totally not on the same page, and part of that is due to Juan Pablo’s controlling nature.

An insider says that they have “less than a month” until they’ll break up, now that they’re out in the world without the constraints of trying to remain under the radar. And while Juan Pablo posted a video for Nikki, basically declaring his love for her, and Nikki has told haters where they can go, their future isn’t coming up roses.

An audience member at the disastrous “After the Final Rose” special says that Nikki “seems really nice but complacent.” While it seems like that source doesn’t know her personally, it’s true that she barely spoke up when Juan Pablo was telling off Chris Harrison for trying to get him to express something called “feelings.”

Adds another E! source, “Everyone was saying that it seems like Juan Pablo controls her and she just gives in. No one left the taping thinking this relationship is going to last.”

Well, that’s a lot of aspersions cast from folks who seem not to know the ins and outs of their relationship. After the show, Juan Pablo and Nikki headed back to Miami for a low-key date out at Budare Bistro, a Venezuelan restaurant. One report says that Nix and JPG are hanging in south Florida for a bit before taking off on a vacation, and then deciding where to live.

So where does that leave Juan Pablo and Nikki? We don’t know, because it’s all a case of sources giving conflicting stories. Honestly, we think that Juan Pablo should take a little advice from Season 1 Bachelorette Trista Sutter, who says that he needs to learn to show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T in relationships. But they’re grown ups and they’re in this together, so we just hope they’ll both make their needs and feelings (it’s not like envy, or even thirsty, Juan Pabs) heard. Even if JPG doesn’t want to say the word, that’s part of what “love” is...

Source: E! Online

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