Juan Pablo Explains the Lack of Latina Contestants on His Season
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Juan Pablo Explains the Lack of Latina Contestants on His Season

Juan Pablo Galavis has said before that he’s dated only one American before becoming The Bachelor. So, it seems a little funny to us that, out of the 27 girls competing for his corazón, there aren’t too many Latinas in the bunch.

Let’s see: there’s Brazilian Victoria Lima (who doesn’t speak any Spanish, but she is from South America); Clare Crawley, who is part Mexican; and Christine Llano, whose name suggests she might have some Latin flair in her gene pool. Other than that, there seems to be a lack of Spanish-speaking mujeres on the show, but Juan Pablo has a pretty good explanation for why that is.

“It’s not a matter of they don’t cast Latinas, it’s a matter that Latina’s don’t sign up,” he tells Latina.com. We’re sure a few tried out, but Juan Pablo says there may have been other factors that had nothing to do with ethnicity.

“Maybe there were more Latinas, but they weren’t for me. They didn’t want to be a mom, or they didn’t have a personality thing I wanted. I don’t know.”

But, being so inexperienced with dating the All-American type, we’re sure J-P’s Bachelor journey presented some unfamiliar territory for him. As he tells Latina, there are definite cultural differences that come into play.

“Meeting families, that’s a big thing for Americans. It’s more casual in Venezuela. It’s not a big deal,” he explains. As the Bachelor’s dad reminded him before he gathered his rosebuds, “‘Juan Pablo, there’s even a movie in America called Meet the Parents In Venezuela, there’d be no such movie.’”

Well, family meeting differences or not, we still can’t wait to see how nervous everyone is come Hometown Dates...

Source: Latina.com

01.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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