Juan Pablo Galavis Visits Wedding Chapel on Eve of Bachelor Finale — With WHO?
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Visits Wedding Chapel on Eve of Bachelor Finale — With WHO?

Today’s the day when we learn whether it’s Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley who is destined to be with Juan Pablo Galavis for the next couple of months the rest of their lives. And speaking of romance, he was spotted at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas over the weekend. So who was he there with?

Juan Pabs joined two male buddies for a road trip to Vegas to watch a boxing match at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, March 8, according to People. Speaking of boxing matches, let’s hope tonight’s sure-to-be-heated “After the Final Rose” doesn’t actually get violent. Given Nikki and Clare’s history, you never know.

Before the match, he appeared to have marriage on the mind for once! as he posted a pic of himself in front of the MGM’s wedding chapel. But given the rumors circulating that JPG won’t propose to anyone during tonight’s finale, it’s safe to say he did not become joined in holy matrimony with anyone while he was there.

After the boxing match, El Bachelor and his pals enjoyed the Vegas nightlife. He and a group of 10 others had dinner at a seafood restaurant before moving on to Beacher’s Madhouse nightclub, where Juan Pablo reportedly didn’t drink but spent about 45 minutes posing for pics and saying hi to fans.

We’ll find out tonight whether Juan Pablo offers his final rose to Nikki or Clare. Long story short, we hope he had fun at the chapel this weekend, since we doubt he’s going to visiting one with his chosen lady anytime soon.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo went to a chapel over the weekend? And do you think he’s in love with his pick?

Source: People