Bachelor 2014’s Juan Pablo Galavis: 7 Things You Didn’t Know
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014’s Juan Pablo Galavis: 7 Things You Didn’t Know

Juan Pablo Galavis is about to take The Bachelor (and the world, obviously) by storm, but how well do you really know this Venezuelan mega-hunk? Sure, it's common knowledge that Juan Pabz has an adorable love child named Camila, is a pro soccer player, and has a PhD in The Art of Looking Sexy, but the time has come to get to know him on a deeper level. Deep, like his icy green eyes.

Check out these seven things you probably didn't know about ABC's next Bachelor, and feel free to read this list while huffing a bouquet of roses!

1. He's Obsessed With The Backstreet Boys

The dream of the 90s is alive in Juan Pablo's beautiful mind. While the rest of us are listening to current boybands like One Direction and The Wanted (admit it, you love them), Juan is busy jamming out to The Backstreet Boys. Not only is this hunk seeing BSB in concert (yes, they still tour), he's taken to tweeting links to their music videos circa 1997. No words.

2. He's Worth A Reported $1.2 Million

If you think Juan Pablo signed up for The Bachelor to make the big bucks, think again. He's already swimming in hundies thanks to the good ol' days when he was a professional soccer player, and he's worth a reported $1.2 million! Our eyeballs just turned into dollar signs. Where do we sign up for The Bachelor again?

3. He Was A TV Host!

The Bachelorette isn't Juan Pablo's first television rodeo. This burgeoning heart throb made a name for himself as the host for Miami-based sports show Mega News! Hear that, Chris Harrison? You have some serious competition.

4. He's The First Latino Bachelor

The Bachelor has often been criticised for being too homogenous, so haters will be thrilled to know that Juan Pablo is the show's first Latino superstar! Way to broaden your studly horizons, ABC!

5. He Has Night Fever

Juan Pablo has made it clear that he loves dancing. Basically, he's a dancing queen, young a free, only 17 32. This dude spends his free-time busting a move, and even took it to Twitter to search for a salsa dance partner!

6. He's Stone Cold Sober

Despite the fact that most Bachelors subsist on a diet of white wine and dead roses, Juan Pablo doesn't drink. Which means this season of The Bachelor will be even more hilarious than usual. Sober Juan Pablo + 25 drunk ladies = a recipe for success!

7. He Rocks A Man Purse

This title really speaks for itself, but yes. Juan Pablo recently admitted to wearing "man purse" at all times. In fact, he's owned one since the tender age of 16. As if we needed one more reason to love him.

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