Juan Pablo Galavis Already Talking About Cheating?
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Already Talking About Cheating?

Juan Pablo Galavis is going for the pure Bachelor experience. He's not a search for the presents before Christmas morning kinda guy. At least, that's what he implied in a tweet yesterday, politely declining an invitation to check out the profiles and photos of five women reportedly cast to date him on The Bachelor Season 18.

According to Reality Steve, Juan Pabs' future girlfriends will start arriving in Los Angeles tomorrow (Saturday, September 14), with filming set to start shortly afterward. Steve shared intel on five women who may or may not make the final bachelorette cut, and a fan shared a link to Steve's site with JP.

Juan Pabs responded, in his usual half-CAPS way: "Please TELL @RealitySteve THANKS but I rather have my limo SURPRISES RT @simonebakers @JuanPaGalavis Here's 5 of your choices on the show."

One fan commented, "I agree! Why spoil it?!" Steve weighed in on his own site, questioning whether JP really did steer clear of the contestant bios or if it just felt like he had to say that for production. It's entirely possible he is avoiding the links. Why bother when he's the one who gets to meet them in a few days? Not everyone is into "spoiling" an experience, especially when it's bound to be a good one (at least at first ... it always takes a scary turn after a while). Besides, what if he really liked one of those posted women and that girl was cut at the last minute? It's not like he could ask the producers, "What HAPPENED to that ONE blonde girl I SAW online?"

We binge on spoilers like peanut M&Ms, but not everyone is the same — and some people would even include the producers’ own live-from-the-arrival-limos tweets to be spoilers. There’s no WRONG way to watch the show!

Sources: Twitter / RealitySteve

09.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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