Juan Pablo Galavis: I Almost Sent Andi Home After the Hometown Dates
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Juan Pablo Galavis: I Almost Sent Andi Home After the Hometown Dates

It’s safe to say that, between Andi Dorfman’s ambivalence and her dad’s skepticism, her Hometown Date was the rockiest for Juan Pablo Galavis. As it turns out, the tension took its toll on Juan Pablo, who apparently came this close to giving Andi the boot instead of Renee Oteri at the Rose Ceremony.

Juan Pabs says in his People blog that he wasn’t getting great vibes from Andi during their chat before he met her ‘rents, writing “She told me, ‘I want to fall in love so bad.’” It made him feel uncomfortable since he thinks “you shouldn’t force love,” and he writes that he “almost sent Andi home and took Renee to the overnights.” In the end, he says he “gave her the benefit of the doubt” and went with his feelings.

Whoa! That would have been quite a surprise, given how smitten he’s seemed with Andi all along. But seeing as Andi tells us and even told her sister on camera that she hasn’t felt fireworks for him, perhaps he’s (slowly) getting the message. Plus, it’s no secret that Renee’s family was a lot more fond of him than Andi’s dad was. Like, a lot.

We’re now wondering if Juan Pablo’s blog remarks are foreshadowing what we’ll see in tonight’s Fantasy Suite episode. The episode’s promo has hinted at some serious tension between JPG and Andi, and he tells someone that she “barely made it here.” So perhaps he’s wishing he had chosen differently at last night’s Rose Ceremony, hindsight being 20/20 and all.

Are you surprised that he almost eliminated Andi? And do you think he should have kept Renee?

Source: People