Juan Pablo Galavis Spotted on Date With Another Woman? Rumor Patrol
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Juan Pablo Galavis Spotted on Date With Another Woman? Rumor Patrol

If you ask us, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell’s relationship could not be going better. The adorable twosome is currently spending just about every waking moment together while Nikki crashes with him in Miami. However, a new rumor has emerged that suggests Juan Pablo has been getting flirty with another gal. Whether or not we believe this rumor is another matter altogether.

The ever-reputable (*cough*) Star magazine reports that Juan Pabs attended a tennis tournament last week with 27-year-old Lena Lowell, whom the magazine refers to as a “sexy realtor.” Eyewitnesses say that the pair “chatted, smiled, and shared food during the match,” barely paying attention to the on-court action. Juan Pablo was spotted with his arm around Lena at one point, and the source says Nikki would be “livid” if she had seen all of this go down.

So, our first reaction upon hearing this report is: “They smiled together? Afix the scarlet letter!” Indeed, this report just appears to be describing how two platonic friends would behave. Is there really so little to write about, that the fact that two people shared food is front page news? Ugh, the state of the world today... And unless you're trying to eat our snacks, food at sporting events is made to split. Speaking of which, we could totally go for some nachos right about now.

That said, the tennis match in question took place during a point when Nikki and Juan Pablo were living in different cities. So while we don’t think Nikki has anything to worry about, it goes without saying that a relationship is a lot easier when both people are in the same zip code. That way, Juan Pablo and Nikki can share all the nachos they want.

Should Nikki be concerned that Juan Pablo is spending time with sexy realtors?

Source: Star via Radar Online