Juan Pablo Galavis Stars in Sexy Appliance Store Ad and It’s Terrible (VIDEO)
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Juan Pablo Galavis Stars in Sexy Appliance Store Ad and It’s Terrible (VIDEO)

So it’s come to this: Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is now a shill for a small appliance store in Upstate New York. Indeed, Juan Pablo is toeing the waters of the acting world once again by appearing in a new commercial — and the ad is super awkward. Perhaps we’ll see him in some more finished pictures in the future, but to us, his oeuvre d’art will always be pretending to be ready to fall in love this season (zing!).

Juan Pablo’s ad is for Rochester Appliance, owned by the brother-in-law of Juan Pablo’s college pal. JPG filmed the ad in December — for which he was paid an undisclosed amount of money — and it hit airwaves in the Rochester area earlier this week.

The ad begins with voiceover saying, “What if Juan Pablo was a salesman at Rochester Appliance?” Then, we see Juan Pablo wearing the store’s uniform, and a female customer is looking at him and gets immediately weak in the knees. As you do when you shop for appliances.

“Anything catch your eye?” Juan Pablo asks the infatuated customer (uh, was the dialogue written by porn producers?), who replies, “I do! I mean, I’m just looking.” And then the same thing happens with a second female customer. “Oh, I’m just looking, too,” the second customer says, taking an exaggerated glance at his crotchal region.

OK, we get that the company is trying to be funny with this ad. But couldn’t they have come up with something that wasn’t quite so sexist? It’s hard not to come away with the impression that the makers of the ad think women of a certain size are desperate, horny creatures who are incapable of partaking in simple conversation with a attractive male. And is the ad also implying that salespeople aren’t typically attractive? Or that men should be pieces of meat as some sort of feminist statement about turning objectification on its ear?

Or maybe we’re reading too much into this. Perhaps we just don’t get how the appliance game works these days.

Do you think Juan Pablo’s ad is a little offensive? Or do you think we just need to relax a little by shopping for some appliances?

Source: L.A. Times, Rochester Appliance on YouTube

02.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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