Did Juan Pablo Galavis Use the Bachelor to Land a Spot on DWTS?
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Did Juan Pablo Galavis Use the Bachelor to Land a Spot on DWTS?

Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis may have found love (or something like it) with co-star Nikki Ferrell, but was his quest for love secretly in pursuit of another reality goal?

Former Bachelor contestant Cassandra Ferguson claims that Juan Pablo’s time on The Bachelor was all a ploy to earn him a spot on the upcoming cast of Dancing With the Stars!

He planned that he’s Mr. El Bachelor and he’s gonna be on Dancing with the Stars,” Cassandra tells Detroit radio station 987 Amp (via RadarOnline.com).

Cassandra says that Juan Pablo was banking on being a shoo-in for DWTS until his homophobic comments kept him from the running.

“I think that he planned to be in Los Angeles with [Nikki],” says Cassandra. Now that his dancing dreams have been dashed, he’s reportedly scrambling to make ends meet with as many acting gigs as he can rustle up.

While Juan Pablo’s dance card may be empty for the moment, Cassandra says that his time away from the spotlight is likely allowing him some much-needed R&R, after keeping plenty busy in the Bachelor house.

Cassandra says of the Venezuelan playboy, “I am pretty sure that he banged three people” during his time on the show.

Do you believe that Juan Pablo was using his time on The Bachelor to get a spot on DWTS?

Source: RadarOnline.com