Juan Pablo Galavis Shows Us How to Get His Butt
Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Instagram    

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Juan Pablo Galavis Shows Us How to Get His Butt

It's time to give Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis the slow clap for all the hard work he's putting into his body. It's all for us, people!

JP just shared an Instagram video (watch it below), illustrating one of his workout techniques. It doesn't seem too complicated, but apparently it's harder than it looks since he winces in pain, saying, "Aiii. That's why my buttcheeks hurt!" To reinforce the point, he tweeted in his usual bilingual caps lock style, "My BUTTCHEEKS f---ing HURT / Me DUELEN las NALGAS..." (Potty mouth! What would Camila think?)

We’re here to give him a massage if he needs one, but then we’re sending him right back for more reps. Hey, he tweeted last month that he hopes his 25 Bachelor "chicks" have nice butts, so it's good of him to hold himself to the same standard. We're all about equal opportunity!

Last month, Juan Pablo also showed off a bunch of nutrition products he was given by a Bachelor Nation pal to help him get big and juiced up for The Bachelor. It's possible he’s going to look very Sean Lowe-ish when we see him in action in January.

All tight butt jokes aside, JPG really doesn't need to be going to this much trouble. As his beloved Bruno Mars would surely tell him, "You're amazing just the way you are."

Source: Instagram