Is Juan Pablo Galavis’s Daughter Camila Watching The Bachelor?
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Is Juan Pablo Galavis’s Daughter Camila Watching The Bachelor?

We already know who Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is picking at the end of his love quest … his daughter Camila. Spoiler alert! But not really, since he talks about his favorite girl all the time, and frequently mentions her whenever it's convenient for him to show that he's a single dad. Camila is totally the new Ricki Hendrick, and we saw how important Ricki was to Bachelorette Emily "West Virginia Hood Rat" Maynard’s journey to a brief engagement. (If you don't remember Em's passionate defense of the Rickster, just “get the f--k out!!!)

But Camila is still only four years old, turning five on Valentine's Day 2014. And while The Bachelor loves its young, female audience — and many of the contestants have maturity levels around age two — Camila is still a wee bit too young to watch the weekly trainwrecks. However, Juan Pablo mentions her regularly, either when talking to the girls about his sweet little lady, or whenever he's giving a reason for not wanting to kiss a girl on TV. "I have my daughter to think about," he says frequently, "and I don't want her to see me kissing a bunch of girls."

Still, that hasn't stopped him from full-on making out with the great majority of the remaining eight girls, and we have to look back at his interview with
Extra from the beginning of the season.

In it, he's asked if his daughter will be watching the show. "She saw the first episode and that's it," Papa Pablo said. But as for whether she was going to be allowed to watch the rest of the season, Juan Pablo commented, "I doubt it."

So, why then is he continually mentioning her approval as the reason for his actions? We can't be sure. Four-year-olds (and five-year-olds too, for that matter) have no business watching their dads get down to business in real life or on reality TV. But since he is a single parent, we get that he keeps her in his mind all the time. However, he signed up for the show, and it would be strange to think that even though he's a single parent, he would not do his or her best to find a future mate by behaving as naturally as possible in an unnatural setting.

Do you think Juan Pablo (and presumably Camila’s mother, Carla) is making the right call to keep Camila away from the rest of The Bachelor? Should he be using her approval as a yardstick for whether she watches the show or not?

Source: Extra

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