Nikki Ferrell Tweets to Juan Pablo Galavis’ Cousin That She Finally Has “Freedom” — What Happened?
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Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell Tweets to Juan Pablo Galavis’ Cousin That She Finally Has “Freedom” — What Happened?

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis have faced more than their share of skeptics since their Bachelor finale last month. However, their relationship appears to have been going strong over the past month, despite their living in separate cities. But Nikki is now tweeting about finally having “freedom” in her love life — so what is she talking about?

We saw during the season that Juan Pablo and his cousin Rodolfo have a close relationship. And that closeness has carried over to Nikki and Rodolfo. After Nikki tweeted on April 14 that she’s happy to be in L.A., Rodolfo told her that he loves how she can tweet her whereabouts. He’s presumably referring to how the couple had to meet in secret before the finale aired. “You have no idea how good it is!” Nikki replied. “Freeeeeeedoooom!!!!!” Perhaps she’s channeling her favorite scene from Braveheart?

We’re now wondering where Nikki and Juan Pablo may have jetted off to while the show was airing, as Rodolfo’s message makes it seem that Nikki did quite a bit of surreptitious traveling. We know it’s not easy for any final Bachelor couple to keep their relationship a secret from the public, so we’re not surprised that Nikki would now feel relief.

We’re also curious as to what Nikki and Juan Pablo might have planned for their time in L.A., since JPG posted a pic at the Santa Monica pier on the same day. The only thing we can be sure of is that they will not be going anywhere near the Bachelor mansion. Translation: They don’t seem to be feeling too nostalgic about the show these days, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Are you surprised that Nikki and Juan Pablo are still enjoying each other’s company? And do you think they met up a lot before the finale?

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