The Bachelorette

Happy Birthday Camila! 15 Pics of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and His Daughter

Juan Pablo Galavis ;is already more than halfway through his exciting, amazing, romantic season of The Bachelor, and we're already completely invested in his future. One big part of the future for JPG is his darling, beautiful daughter Camila, whose birthday is today! That's right, Camila Valentina turns five on Valentine's Day 2014, and we have ;a little project for anyone who wants to someday step into the wife and stepmom shoes that 27 girls set out to take: Look at these pictures. Learn Spanish. Write poetry about the pictures in Spanish. ;

A bit back, while we were waiting for the January 6 premiere date for El Bachelor to begin his aventura, we took ;to his Instagram (shamelessly, ravenously, gratuitously) to examine all 900ish of his pictures. In the process, we realized that his Instagram is a magic device that makes us ready to be mother to Juan Pablo's child. Why? Because he looks like the world’s cutest dad, and all of his pics with daughter Camila make us jealous of a five-year-old. There. We said it. We are. Scroll through, and you will be, too.