Juan Pablo Galavis Denies Nightclub Abuse — Says It Was a “GREAT Night”
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Juan Pablo Galavis Denies Nightclub Abuse — Says It Was a “GREAT Night”

Rumors were flying over the weekend that Juan Pablo Galavis’s Atlantic City nightclub appearance was a veritable disaster, with reports surfacing that he was booed and had various items thrown at him. But have these reports been greatly exaggerated?

The erstwhile Bachelor star appeared at Atlantic City’s The Pool After Dark nightclub on March 29, for which he was said to be handsomely compensated. And while Us Weekly claims that he was heckled at the club and actually had a drink tossed in his face by a woman who called him a “fking douche bag,” Juan Pablo says this never happened and that he actually had a dynamite time.

“I WONDER who was the creative MIND that MADE UP the drink-in-my-face STORY,” Juan Pabs tweeted on March 31. “People: say NO to DRUGS! Thanks @poolafterdark for a GREAT Night.” And the club’s Twitter feed responded with, “you're welcome!”

So was the drink-in-the-face rumor just the result of an eyewitness seeing something that didn’t really happen? Like, maybe someone accidentally spilled a drink in his general vicinity? Wishful thinking by a vengeful clubgoer? Possibly. Then again, maybe Juan Pablo is trying to brush off the incident like it’s no big deal or perhaps he didn’t even notice that someone had insulted him in the noisy club.

At any rate, it sounds as though Juan Pablo had a pleasant time in the club, especially once Nikki Ferrell arrived, at around 1 A.M. And we hope that the rumor of him getting a drink in his face is untrue for multiple reasons. Besides the intense disrespect for another human at the root of it, is anyone really worth sacrificing a drink for? Drinks in clubs are expensive, people.

Do you think the clubgoers are justified in heckling Juan Pablo, if this really happened? And who do you believe: Juan Pablo or the magazine’s sources?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter