Juan Pablo Galavis Not “100 Percent Sure” He’ll Get Engaged on the Finale?!
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Not “100 Percent Sure” He’ll Get Engaged on the Finale?!

It’s been quite a while since a season of Bachelor/ette has come and gone without the guy pulling out a ring box. (Yes, Brad Womack, we’re looking in your direction.) But from the way Juan Pablo Galavis is talking, it’s hard to imagine him being ready to get down on bended knee when his season wraps up.

In his People blog, Juan Pablo writes about meeting Nikki Ferrell’s dad on their Hometown Date. Mr. Ferrell wanted to be sure that Juan Pablo wouldn’t enter into a marriage proposal lightly, and as it turns out, an engagement seems to be pretty far from the top of his to-do list at the moment.

“[Nikki’s] dad told me something that I really appreciated,” Juan Pablo writes. “He told me he wanted the guy who proposed to his daughter to be 100 percent sure he is ready for marriage. I told him that, in this situation, that would be very difficult, but I respected his opinion 100 percent.”

Uh oh. So Juan Pablo thinks it would be “very difficult” to be ready for marriage by the time the show wraps? It’s sounding like maybe we won’t be seeing an engagement after all. Perhaps this is related to him not being open enough to finding love on the show? At any rate, we’re worried. And yes, if there’s no engagement, we will be blaming Brad.

Do you think Juan Pablo will propose in the finale?

Source: People