Juan Pablo Galavis Gave WHAT to a Stranger?
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Gave WHAT to a Stranger?

Remembering to bring your earbuds with you when you fly is pretty much Airplane Travel 101. However, one person on Juan Pablo Galavis’s flight over the weekend forgot this cardinal rule, and so the passenger boldly asked El Bachelor to borrow a pair. And you won’t believe what happened next!

En route to meeting up with Nikki Ferrell for their Atlantic City nightclub appearance over the weekend, JPG flew to Philly on March 28. At the start of the flight, he received a tweet from an unknown stranger on his flight who happened to have forgotten her buds. “I'm on your plane now and forgot head phones :/ do you have a spare???” the fan wrote. At that, he surprisingly responded, “Yes, where you SEATING?”

Crazy, right? Sure enough, Juan Pablo tracked down the music-deprived gal and handed over his spare pair to her. As it turns out, he didn’t even try to get them back from her after the flight. “Enjoy your new HEADPHONES,” he tweeted at her once they had landed. And when she explained that she tried to find him to return them, he replied, “Those @munitio are for YOU!!!”

Seriously, how sweet is this story? We’re pretty sure that 95% of all celebs would have completely ignored someone who asked to use their headphones, so we’re totally impressed that El Bachelor was looking out for his forgetful fellow passenger.

Sure, if we were cynics, we might carp about how it feels like he may have just gone along with this favor in order to help his public image. Or about the fact that him mentioning that the headphones are made by Munitio makes him sound like he’s somehow shilling for the company. Luckily, we’re not at all cynical. Not in the least. Hey Juan Pabs, can we borrow a pair, too?

Are you impressed that Juan Pablo gave away his spare headphones to a complete stranger?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter