Juan Pablo Galavis Gets Drink Thrown in Face at Disastrous Club Appearance (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Gets Drink Thrown in Face at Disastrous Club Appearance (VIDEO)

UPDATE 3/31: Oh, Juan Pablo. It seems El Bachelor is more interested in saving face than asking for a napkin to wipe his own. After the story came out all over the Internet about what had happened at the Pool After Dark event, he tweeted that people were making things up. We felt bad for a moment, assuming that we just took it as fact that someone might do such a thing to a controversial public figure. After all, we've read the comments, the tweets, and Facebook — we know how the public feels about Juan Pabs.

Juan Pablo called the story "creative" and said people should stay off drugs, making it pretty clear he thought it was amusing. One thing he didn't account for, though, was that the blogger who followed him around at the club on Saturday might have his or her own version of the story. A blogger from Atlantic City Blog writes that the story is actually true, despite whatever JPG claims. "Juan Pablo recently denied the rumor about the drink in the face, but there was definitely a drink thrown because this blogger was wearing half of it. Juan Pablo's face didn't appear wet, but his sweater was sporting some wet spots. And he and the rest of his party exited the booth by the stage and headed to a private cabana right after it happened. It's possible that this blogger was wearing more of the alcohol than Juan Pablo. So, thanks."

Does that clear things up for you?

Perhaps living a private life really would be a good idea for Juan Pablo Galavis. Over the weekend, he made an appearance at an Atlantic City nightclub, where he was booed and had a drink thrown at him. Somewhere, Chris Harrison is probably thinking, "Throw a drink at him why didn't I think of that?"

El Bachelor appeared at The Pool After Dark nightclub on March 29 for which he was reportedly paid a tidy sum but the evening probably didn't go quite as he had hoped. According to Us Weekly, Juan Pablo was seated on a couch near the stage when a woman threw a drink in his face and yelled "F—king douche bag!" at him. Security guards reacted quickly and escorted the woman out of the club.

In addition, E! Online reports that someone threw a beer can at Juan Pablo, while members of the crowd booed and heckled him when he took to the mic to greet everyone. Several crowd members were asked to leave the club for booing too loudly, although there were plenty of people cheering him as well.

Nikki Ferrell reportedly arrived at the club at around 2:15 a.m. and enjoyed a few vodka cocktails. She and Juan Pablo kissed and held hands in the club before skedaddling at around 2:45 a.m.

We're a bit surprised that Juan Pablo's presence elicited this reaction. Like, why would people pay good money to enter the club if they don't like him? And if Nikki is happy with Juan Pablo, we think everyone else should let them be. Translation: Put the drinks down, people.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo got heckled? And do you think these fans crossed the line?

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