Juan Pablo Galavis: I Introduce Girls to My Daughter on the First Date
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis: I Introduce Girls to My Daughter on the First Date

When Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis introduced Nikki Ferrell to daughter Camila in Miami, we were pretty shocked, considering there were still quite a few other women in the competition. But as it turns out, it’s totally Juan Pablo’s M.O. to do just that! In fact, he’s done it more than a few times, as he revealed on the “Women Tell All” special on March 3.

Juan Pablo told the women that he often introduces his dates to his young daughter — though it’s usually as “a friend.” With that caveat, Juan Pablo says he’s even introduced a woman to his daughter on the first date. Uh, what?

He said in his Bachelor blog after the Miami episode that it’s pretty normal in his culture for families to meet each other’s dates early on. In Venezuela, it’s common for young adults to still live with or near their parents until they get married, so most guys will be very familiar with a girl’s family from the beginning. Meeting the parents isn’t a huge, nerve-racking thing like it is in the U.S.

So perhaps introducing a “special friend” to your kid is similarly no big deal? He also didn’t seem to think it was a big deal that he met Renée Oteri’s son, Ben, during Hometown Dates and then eliminated her that same episode.

If it were you, would you think it was weird to meet Juan Pablo’s daughter so early in the relationship? Or would you prefer that he waited until he knew things were more serious?