Juan Pablo Galavis Explains Nikki Ferrell’s Intro to His Daughter, Ex, and Parents
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Juan Pablo Galavis Explains Nikki Ferrell’s Intro to His Daughter, Ex, and Parents

Juan Pablo Galavis’s decision-making continues to make us throw things at the TV surprise us. Certainly, we weren’t expecting him to introduce his daughter, Camila, to any of the Bachelor ladies this early on — and then, lo and behold, Nikki Ferrell gets the Cheeto-flavored (she’s four) face-to-face. So what made JPG want to see if Nikki and Camila would hit (baseball pun!) it off?

Juan Pablo writes in his People blog that he thought Nikki would be genuinely excited about meeting his bundle of joy (no, not that bundle of joy. That’s what Fantasy Suites are for...). “For [this week’s second one-on-one], I needed to bring somebody who I felt a strong connection with and who would appreciate my surprise of meeting Camila,” he writes.

“The reason I decided to take Nikki was because she has been making me feel more and more comfortable since Vietnam,” Mr. Mom adds about his Vietnam rappelling date with Nikki, proving that almost falling to your death in a cave with someone is quite a bonding experience.

If you ask us, Juan Pablo has also seemed quite comfortable (and at times too comfortable) around Clare, so it’s interesting that she didn’t get the all-important dance recital invite. And if we’re naming people who would most appreciate the gravity of meeting Camila, wouldn’t Renee Oteri be at the top of the list, considering she’s has to deal with that very issue with her son, Ben?

Nikki also got the pleasure (or is it punishment?) of meeting Juan Pablo’s gorgeous baby mama, Carla. And, if you ask Chris Harrison, that should have been a no-no. “Is it right to meet [the ex] on one of your first dates? Lord no,” Chris posits in his TV Guide blog. “[But Carla is] a part of his life, and that's what you marry into.” Hot family, eh?

“Back in Venezuela, it’s not a big deal at all to meet someone’s family early on, and in fact, from what JP told me, it would be odd not to,” Chris tells Entertainment Weekly. “[Nikki] handled it well, but what an uncomfortable moment that must have been.”

We’ll definitely second Chris’s “uncomfortable” assessment, since their scene was super awkward, even though Nikki managed to remain perky throughout. Also making things awkward? The part where Juan Pablo brought up Carla’s upcoming birthday. We can’t imagine that meeting one of Juan Pablo’s new gals was at the top of Carla’s wishlist.

Do you think Juan Pablo was wrong to introduce Nikki to Camila and Carla so soon?

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