Juan Pablo Galavis: Nikki Ferrell Loves Me, But I’m “Not There Yet”
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Juan Pablo Galavis: Nikki Ferrell Loves Me, But I’m “Not There Yet”

You’d think that the star of the Bachelor would expect to hear a few “I love you”s during the course of the season. At least, that’s probably what a Bachelor who's at least seen a full episode of the show before participating might have thought. However, that doesn’t describe Juan Pablo Galavis, so he was totally taken aback by Nikki Ferrell’s three little words — and was clueless about how to respond.

Juan Pablo writes in his People blog that he had no idea Nikki would drop the L-word during their Fantasy Suite date. “I wasn't really expecting that, and you could see it by my reaction,” he says. And he wasn’t about to reciprocate. “As my feelings for her are not there yet, I wanted to keep quiet rather than saying something that she may have taken the wrong way.” So perhaps you could say to borrow Nikki’s words that his wheels were turning as he processed this? Or... maybe not so much, since we’re still not sure he ever figured out what that means...

It’s quite surprising that Juan Pablo’s feelings weren’t equal to Nikki’s, given that she’s been a frontrunner for quite some time now, at least since Sharleen Joynt peaced out. And so, maybe the rumors about Juan Pablo never actually falling in love with someone on the show are true. Then again, even if he were in love with Nikki, we’re pretty sure ABC wouldn’t want him to share that with her anyway, while there are still other contestants in the game.

At any rate, the fact that Juan Pablo isn’t quite getting warm fuzzies around the women this close to the end of the season suggests that we’re barreling toward a proposal-free finale.

Somewhere, Brad Womack is smiling.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo wasn’t feeling the same thing that Nikki was feeling? And does this mean he won’t propose?

Source: People