Juan Pablo Galavis Reacts to Nikki Ferrell’s Mood Swings
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Juan Pablo Galavis Reacts to Nikki Ferrell’s Mood Swings

Nobody’s in a good mood 24/7, right? OK, maybe Kelly Ripa is, but she doesn’t count because she’s, like, superhuman (but we digress). And while Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have been nothing but smiles when in public, it seems that it’s a slightly different story when they’re behind closed doors.

On April 1, Juan Pablo posted a selfie as he prepared to watch some afternoon soccer on TV. Nikki is in the background of the photo, and she does not appear to be as excited for the big Barcelona match as her man is. “She is VERY excited about the Barca game…” Juan Pablo sarcastically captions the pic. For her part, Nikki quips that she was on her phone because she was “looking up player stats.” Uh huh, sure.

A few hours later, a Twitter follower asked Juan Pabs if Nikki can get “grouchy” in the mornings, apparently in reference to Nikki’s facial expression in the pic of the couple watching soccer. So JPG candidly explained that, when he took that selfie, “she was KIND [of] grouchy... #JustWokeUpFromANap.” Indeed, we can see that Nikki is wrapped in a blanket in the photo, so she may have snuck in a brief snooze before the game.

So does this portend trouble for the new couple? Well, we can’t imagine Nikki could have been too thrilled about her boyfriend referring to her as “grouchy” on Twitter. Still, the measure of a couple is in how they deal with life’s less blissful moments. So the fact that the two seem to be weathering both the highs and lows of being in a relationship seems like a good sign. We think.

And in the future, Juan Pablo may want to consider watching his soccer games with headphones on (if he still has any left). Just a thought.

Do you think it’s worrisome that the couple already seems to be having difficult moments, or is it a good sign that JPG rolls with the grouchy phases?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter