Juan Pablo Galavis Nude Selfie Circulating From Season 18 Winner! Report
Credit: Rick Rowell / ABC    
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Nude Selfie Circulating From Season 18 Winner! Report

If you thought sexting was consequence-free and we’re not sure why you would assume that well, think again. Indeed, The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis appears to be learning the hard (ahem) way that it might not always be a great idea to send a pic of your genitalia to your one and only.

Proving that the final rose isn’t the only thing that the woman who won Juan Pablo’s heart has received from him, Radar Online reports that El Bachelor has sent a pic of his junk to the woman he picked. And word has it that the woman is so “proud” of the pic, she’s been texting it to her friends. Isn’t romance beautiful?

So what exactly does the pic show? Well, it doesn’t appear to show Juan Pablo’s adorable face and anyway, cropping out your face is Sexting 101, right? but it does reportedly show his erect penis. Sources say the sexy pic has been confirmed to have come from a phone registered to the woman Juan Pablo chose.

What we love most about this story and there are oh-so-many things to love about this story is that Juan Pablo had said last month that a gay Bachelor would be “more pervert” than a straight one. Glass houses, dude.

Do you think Juan Pablo really sent a nude pic to his beloved? And do you think she crossed a line by showing it to her friends? Weigh in below!

Source: Radar Online

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