Juan Pablo Galavis Reacts to Andi Dorfman Controversy in Fantasy Suite (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Reacts to Andi Dorfman Controversy in Fantasy Suite (VIDEO)

Juan Pablo Galavis got a lot of heat during the Bachelor 2014 Fantasy Suites after he had a major falling out with one of his Final Three. When Andi Dorfman accused him of never listening to her and being a very dense, self-centered, frustrating person, the majority of the Internet ending up taking her side.

Plenty of former contestants took to Twitter to support Andi, heralding her as logical, confident, and refreshingly level-headed. Much has been said, on and off the show, about Juan Pablo’s difficulties due to the language barrier. But Andi asserted that Juan Pablo’s problem wasn’t that he can’t grasp the subtleties of the English language. She says he just didn’t understand her as a person — or even try to — at all.

Rather than his custom of tweeting throughout the episode, Juan Pablo waited until it had ended to head over to Twitter and share his thoughts on what went down. “I'd Rather Not Be Appreciated Being Honest, Than Be Appreciated And Not Being Honest...” he wrote. A few minutes later, he added, “I CAN'T force someone to LOVE me, so I appreciate people's HONESTY...” Uh, OK (sorry Andi, we had to use it).

So when all is said and done, Juan Pablo is echoing the same thing he’s said a million times this season: Juan Pablo appreciates HONESTY. Even though he didn’t like what Andi was telling him, he says he appreciated her willingness to be open and HONEST with him. We’re not sure he got her message, but OK.

She left because she didn’t feel that he was interested in her on an emotional level. He either still doesn’t understand her concerns, or he’s choosing not to address the root issue in a public forum like Twitter. We’ll see if he gets into it anymore on March 3’s “Women Tell All” special, which will see Andi take the hot seat.

What do you think: Is Juan Pablo getting too much heat for the way he handled the Andi situation? Or do you agree with the criticism? Head below to share your thoughts.

Source: Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter