Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Refuses All Publicity After the Final Rose
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Refuses All Publicity After the Final Rose

Despite Chris Harrison’s best efforts to explain that idiom about “the hand that feeds you” to Juan Pablo Galavis, we don’t think the message was received. The unpopular star of The Bachelor Season 18 is refusing all publicity related to the show after the airing of the combative live “After the Final Rose” special, TMZ reports.

The site’s inside sources say Juan refused to appear on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, which is customary for the lead and his winner after the finale. It’s no surprise that neither the morning show nor the powers that be at The Bachelor seem to be too butthurt about it. In fact, the way E! Online tells it, it may be more accurate that ABC elected to pull the unpredictable star from his upcoming appearances — i.e., “he didn’t quit, we fired him!” Either way, it sounds like pretty much everyone involved with the franchise is eager to “shower [this] one off” and start anew.

Juan has also stayed fairly mum on social media today, save for one wordstagram message beckoning us all to “throw [him] to the wolves and [he’ll] come back leading the pack.” Um, does that mean that if you toss Juan into a crowd of people who hate him, he’ll come back hating himself even more than they do? WHOMP.

It should also be noted that, unlike past stars, Juan didn’t appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. While we don’t know if he had been asked to show up and just not done it, it seems in line with the reports that Juan Pabs ees not OK with schilling for the show anymore.

What do you think of Juan Pablo’s media blackout?

Source: TMZ