Juan Pablo Galavis Returns to His Day Job — Doing What? (PHOTO)
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Returns to His Day Job — Doing What? (PHOTO)

There were times in Juan Pablo Galavis’s tenure as Bachelor — particularly during his many makeout sessions with any number of the ladies — when we wanted to say to him, “Easy, tiger.” So perhaps it’s appropriate that Juan Pablo’s first day back to his job involves, well, watching the Tigers. (You’re gonna hear him roar…)

We won’t judge you if, early on during Juan Pablo’s time as Bachelor, you were a bit puzzled as to how he made a living. Was he still living on earnings from his short-lived career as a pro soccer player? Or was he somehow getting paid to set the world record for “Most Times Using the Word ‘Okay’ on TV”? It wasn’t always clear.

Finally, we got a glimpse at his 9-to-5 life when he and Nikki Ferrell tossed a baseball around at Marlins Park stadium during their Miami date. As it turns out, he works as a sports and entertainment consultant, collecting memorabilia from Venezuelan players in Major League Baseball. He then takes the loot back to Venezuela to display in museums. We don’t know how this makes money, but we’re not here to judge.

Juan Pablo gets a pretty sweet schedule, as he only works during baseball season. However, with spring training wrapping up soon, El Bachelor is back to the grind. On March 25, he posted a pic of himself watching Detroit Tigers spring training in Florida. “First day of WORK at one of my Spring Training OFFICE…” he captions the photo, in his JPG way. Sure beats a cubicle.

It’s great that Juan Pablo really seems happy with his current career path, judging by the big smile on his face. And while this isn’t his only means of making money at the moment for example, he’ll reportedly pocket a tidy five-figure sum for a nightclub appearance this weekend we hope he’s shut out (sports!) those rumored money issues.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo has returned to his day job?

Source: Juan Pablo on Instagram