Bachelor 2014: Which Girl Is Right for Juan Pablo Galavis?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Which Girl Is Right for Juan Pablo Galavis?

A Bachelor as sexy as Juan Pablo Galavis deserves to find a lady love who's worthy of his scorchin' hot self. And no, looking good isn't the only qualification we have in mind. Whoever wins his heart better be able to keep up with his athletic prowess and, of course, she's gotta love his daughter dearest — and not mind being #2 in his heart, because we all know Camila will always come first. So, which Bachelor 2014 contestant has what it takes to be Mrs. JPG?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the girls on the upcoming season of The Bachelor. Click away now if you don't want to know!

So far, we've "met" twelve of the lovely ladies who will be vying for Juan Pablo's affections. While internet profiles don't tell the whole story (all the online dating afficionados out there know what we're talking about), at least we have something to go on. Which girl seems like the best fit for Mr. Sexy? We've ranked them from best to worst fit based on what we know right now — though we're sure a crazy date night or a hidden sob story may prove us totally off in the end.

1. Ashley Poe. Based purely on these gals' online presence, Ashley Poe is shaping up to be the girl to beat in this competition. She's a first grade teacher (hello, good with kids!) who has Harvard dreams (hello, smart and ambitious!) and loves music and travel. And, oh yeah, she wants to run a marathon, so she clearly has an athletic streak. As long as she doesn't turn out to be completely bonkers, we have a feeling she's going to make it far.

2. Kat Hurd. If Juan Pablo is looking for someone fun and athletic, he won't have to look much further than this sex bomb of a dancer who seems like a ball of positive energy, if Twitter is any indication. We can't see someone this hot going home early.

3. Renee Oteri. Renee and JPG have a lot in common: They’re both 32 years old, they both live in Florida, and they’re both single parents. Is that enough to signal true love? Who knows, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Renee stick around for a while.

4. Lauren Solomon. Lauren has found love on a game show before, so will that give her a leg up in the competition? If it doesn't, her passion for music (she composes piano tunes and has her own iTunes channel) and love of adventure and travel might.

5. Val Eredia. A former volleyball player turned physical therapist, Val should be able to relate to the athlete in Juan Pablo, and she likes to help others, which could make her a good role model for little Camila.

6. Amanda Arnston. This bombshell blonde majored in journalism, works in the music industry (hello, shared interest!), and is rumored to have a string of high-profile exes. Is she going to be fun, flirty, and fabulous, or should JPG be worried she's more in it for fame than love? For now, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but we still don't know enough about her thoughts on kids to make a call on how well she and Juan Pablo will click.

7. Kelly Travis. This stunner from Atlanta seems like a go-getter with a compassionate side. Apparently she loves animals. If she can convince JPG that her passion for raising fluffy "kids" can translate to passion for raising his daughter, she just might be in luck.

8. Andi Dorfman. This gorg JD has already been declared one of the most eligible Atlantans, and is apparently on the look out for a guy who's "confident (but not cocky), funny, [and] athletic" and — oh yeah! — he needs to have a "good family." Sounds like this gal is gonna fall for JPG, hard. Plus, she love reality TV, so we bet she'll know how to put her best foot forward.

9. Amy Long. We don't know a ton about this TV reporter, but as physical assets go — well, let's just say she's JPG's type. If their personalities click, too, she could quickly become a top contender.

10. Kylie Lewis. We don't know a ton about Kylie, but based on her Twitter account, this gorgeous, artistic bartender has a good sense of humor. Does she have the kid skillz to go with the looks and laughs? Time will tell.

11. Alli Restko. Ali loses out for now just because we don't know much about her. It's hard to call someone a good match when everything about her but her smile is a secret. That said, she does seem to have some sports inclination, and it is quite a smile. If she has a personality to match — watch out!

12. Maggie Gantt. We know very little about this Southern belle, so it's really just hard to make a call.

Which contestant do you think sounds right for Juan Pablo? Sound off in the comments below.

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