Juan Pablo Galavis Says Relationship With Sharleen Joynt Was Distorted on TV
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Juan Pablo Galavis Says Relationship With Sharleen Joynt Was Distorted on TV

During most of Sharleen Joynt’s time with Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, she appeared about as excited to be around the guy as most people are to get an IRS audit. But was their relationship more romantic than it appeared to viewers? According to Juan Pablo, absolutely!

Sharleen finally stopped equivocating about Juan Pablo long enough to pack her knives and go on February 17’s Episode 7 in Miami. And after her constant indecision about her feelings toward El Bachelor since the first episode, we doubt anyone could have been shocked to see her walk. However, the one person who somehow was surprised by her exit was Juan Pablo himself, who reflected his feels in his weekly People blog, emphasizing that we didn’t get to see just how close they had gotten.

“Unfortunately, you were only able to see a little bit of Sharleen, and I understand the way people might judge her,” Juan Pablo writes. “But remember you judge by what you see on TV, and not everything makes it to the screen,” he continues, adding that viewers “didn't get to see 90 percent” of their convos.

Touché, JPG. Still… c’mon, dude. Let’s call a spade a spade: She just wasn’t that into you. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine that Sharleen could have been all that enthralled by him in those conversations Juan Pabs mentions didn’t make it to air.

And yet, given how smitten Juan Pablo was with her, it would make sense that she gave him stronger signals at some point than the ones we saw on their dates. At least, for his sake, we hope this is the case. Either that, or the guy needs to learn how to read the room.

Do you think there was a stronger connection between Juan Sharlo that we didn’t get to see?

Source: People