Juan Pablo Galavis and Sharleen Joynt: Doomed or Destined? Ali Fedotowsky Explains
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Juan Pablo Galavis and Sharleen Joynt: Doomed or Destined? Ali Fedotowsky Explains

Love is blind, deaf, dumb and nonsensical — especially on The Bachelor. There’s no logic to explain whatever is happening between passionate loosey-goose Juan Pablo Galavis and intensely earnest Sharleen Joynt on Season 18, but is it possible they could eventually fall in love?

While that might sound like crazy talk, Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky can kinda sorta see it, and she shared her take on the couple, including her overall impression of Sharleen, in her E! News blog.

“So I think she's totally weird, but completely awesome at the same time,” Ali writes (and we totally agree with that assessment, by the way). “She's a pragmatic thinker, with a very realistic view about what's going on around her. She's not getting swept up in Bachelor fantasyland and I think that's refreshing to see on this show. She wants to make sure that they have good chemistry, instead of just automatically thinking they have it.”

But Ali thinks the language barrier could be an issue for them, since Sharleen seems like a sophisticated woman who wants in-depth conversations (nothing boring or bland) and that may not be possible with JPG, since his English is limited and her Spanish is even more limited. (They should both learn Korean together, so they speak the same language on the same level.)

“But at the end of the day,” Ali continued, “love is it's own language and if they're meant for each other, the language barriers won't matter.”

Yeah, but kids matter — at least to single dad Juan Papa Bear — and Ali acknowledged Sharleen’s lack of child love may be a dealbreaker. “Maybe she doesn't think she wants to be a mom, but if they fall in love, it won't matter. She'll end up becoming a mom without even realizing it. She'll love Camila like her own because she loves Juan Pablo.”

Aww! But that may be stretching things a bit — especially since Ali isn’t even sure Sharleen will want to stick around till the end of the season, never mind love Camila as her own — but it’s a sweet idea in theory.

Do you see what Juan Pablo sees in Sharleen? Do you think Sharleen has the same feelings for him or is she just not cut out for him (or the show)?

Source: E! News

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