Juan Pablo Galavis Explains Giving Sharleen Joynt a Rose and It’s Bizarre
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Explains Giving Sharleen Joynt a Rose and It’s Bizarre

If you were a bit puzzled to see The Bachelor’s Sharleen Joynt get the rose on the group date this week in new Zealand, then allow Juan Pablo Galavis to explain why, exactly, he made his choice. But a word of warning: Don’t expect to be any less puzzled after you read what he has to say.

On the group date, Juan Pablo — a.k.a. the Lord of the Roses — takes the ladies to Hobbiton, where he doesn’t waste any time before making out with Sharleen. However, Sharleen interrupts to say she’s having doubts about their connection. So, then, why did she get the rose?

“I had a great time with all of the girls at Hobbiton, even though you didn't get to see all of my conversations,” Juan Pablo writes in his People blog. “I knew Sharleen had doubts about being here and how I felt about her, so I decided to give her a little reassurance by giving her the rose.” Uh, that seems a little irrational, but we’ll go with it...

“I give the roses depending on whom I think needs the confidence more,” he adds. “I want that person to feel comfortable coming into the rose ceremony and for next week's trip.”

Wait, so is he basically saying that he gives the rose to the person who’s having the least fun?! What about the people who are connecting with him and are making the date awesome? Apparently, those people are out of luck when it comes to getting that “precious” rose.

Do you think Juan Pablo used flawed logic in giving Sharleen the rose? Who do you think deserved the rose more? Let us know below!

Source: People