Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Is Juan Pablo Galavis Still With His Season 18 Pick?
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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Is Juan Pablo Galavis Still With His Season 18 Pick?

UPDATE 3/7/14: With the Season 18 finale looming on Monday, March 10, there are only a few days that JPG has to get through if he is, indeed, still dating his winner. That being Nikki Ferrell, if you've been following along all season. Why is Monday the magic day? Because of the live "After the Final Rose" special that follows the episode's airing. Reality Steve gave his initial opinion on the matter of their relationship (below), but weighed in on it once more this week.

"As for what happens at the live ATFR, I don’t know. I know they are still together and they will be together when you see them on the ATFR," the spoiler king says of the state of things. We're used to seeing couples show up and share a couch while they talk to Chris Harrison about how blissfully happy they've been over the last few months. You know, when they've gotten to see each other for a couple days at a time at a secret location, with zero ability to go out in public. Swoon.

But this year, Steve says it'll be different, since Juan Pablo didn't propose in the finale, which was filmed in November 2013. The spoiling fella also says he's heard that ABC is offering Juan Pabs some major rewards if he changes his tune. Yep, he says Juan Pablo is being offered money to propose to Nikki in the live show. Say what? Check out the rest of the info below:

If you don’t know who Juan Pablo Galavis picks at the winner of The Bachelor 2014, and don’t want to know, then this is definitely not the article for you! Turn away!

If you do already know who Juan Pablo picks, or your body is ready for the word, then we’ll go ahead and continue. Word from Reality Steve, spoiler of all things, is that blondie locks Nikki Ferrell is the last girl standing when all the roses but one are gone. No matter how you feel about the 26-year-old part-time model, full-time pediatric nurse, the real question is, are they still together?

This may be a surprising query, considering the show is only halfway through its Season 18 run, but you have to remember that The Bachelor finished filming way back in November, so it’s a totally valid concern. Back in Season 16, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson had already broken up once before the finale aired, and they weren’t the only ones.

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Is Juan Pablo Galavis Still With His Season 18 Pick?
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The biggest thing going into this question is that Reality Steve also revealed the two were never engaged, since JPG is said not to pop the question in the finale, which airs March 10. We don’t know why, but Steve maintains that it’s because he never intended on finding a wife through this process. No matter what side you fall on this issue, do we have you wondering what’s going on?

Well, assuming Steve is right on all these factors, the couple is still together. How does he know? Because of some suspicious Twitter posts from both Nikki and Juan Pablo. “Es hora de VOLAR / Its time to FLY…,” Juan Pablo posted on February 4. Next, he posted that it was freezing, and then followed it up saying that it was the air conditioning causing the chill.

Nikki tweeted a similar message on the same day about the weather, writing “Good lord you'd think they'd invest in some heat in the Denver airport. #freezing.” Later that day, both Nikki and Juan Pablo tweeted pictures from indoors. Were they together? Who knows, but Steve seems to think that they were both working pretty hard to cover their shapely behinds.

What do you think: Are Nikki and Juan Pablo still together, or has their love gone the way of so many other Bachelor pairings?

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