Juan Pablo Galavis Lashes Out at Fashion Blogger: “GET Your Facts STRAIGHT”
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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis Lashes Out at Fashion Blogger: “GET Your Facts STRAIGHT”

When Nick Viall announced to the world on the After the Final Rose special that he and Andi Dorfman had “made love” during Fantasy Suite dates, jaws collectively dropped. Almost as much as jaws dropped when Andi kicked Juan Pablo Galavis to the curb during his stint as rose giver for revealing to her that he’d slept with fellow contestant Clare Crawley the night before. After the Season 10 finale, fashion blogger Possessionista took part in a Twitter conversation comparing Andi’s actions to JPG’s, and El Bachelor says it ees not OK.

One tweeter commented that Andi had no business getting salty with Nick, since what she did with him was “exactly what she reamed @JuanPaGalavis out for doing to her.” Possessionista stepped in to correct the layman, tweeting back “Not at all. Andi was mad at JP b/c he told her he #$%^ed someone else. Not b/c he chose someone else.” And that’s when El Bachelor stepped up to plate.

JPG tweeted “Dana GET your facts STRAIGHT before opening your MOUTH (or Typing) and please TAG me next time.” Because if girlfriend gonna be talking, Juan Pabs wants a heads up so he can defend himself.

Possessionista jumped right back into the convo, tweeting “You are right. I should have said ‘As a viewer it APPEARED’ that... I don't know what happened. I wasn't there.” Ahhhh Twitter, the great peace keeper of our age. No word yet on whether her comment was sincere or if she was merely making fun of JPG’s habit of random ALL CAPS, because she followed that exchange up with “WELL i guess he TOLD me.” Ay yi yi.

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Source: Possessionista on Twitter, Juan Pablo on Twitter