Juan Pablo Galavis Welcomes Baby Boy! (PHOTO)
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Juan Pablo Galavis Welcomes Baby Boy! (PHOTO)

If Nikki Ferrell had been getting baby fever before, we can only imagine what’s going on in her ovaries at the sight of this recent photo. As you can see, Juan Pablo Galavis — who is a super dad to daughter, Camila — has another bouncing baby in his life.

This week, Juan Pablo’s sister, Anna, gave birth to her second child. Anna tweeted that she’s a “happy mommy” and adorably referred to new son as her “petit prince.” And Juan Pablo wasted no time visiting the little tyke. On April 2, he posted an Instagram pic of himself holding up his niece as she gets a look at her little baby bro. “Tio JuanPa, Emi y el Nenenuni,” he captions it.

This photo just might be the most precious thing we’ve ever seen. We’re not sure if it’s even humanly possible for Juan Pablo to be smiling any wider, and the look of awe on his niece’s face is priceless, too. By the way, how impeccable is her sense of style? We totally want to borrow those socks.

And so this photo continues to prove that Juan Pablo is amazing with kids, and that he’ll be an awesome dad to any babies he and Nikki decide to pop out. But for now, we’re sure they’re content with cuddling up to this new cutie and then letting someone else change the diapers.

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Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter