Bachelor 2014: Has Chris Harrison Already Found Juan Pablo Galavis’ Wife?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Has Chris Harrison Already Found Juan Pablo Galavis’ Wife?

Hola, Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis, we’ve been waiting for you. We can’t wait to see you sift through the 125 women (haven’t you heard? We’re taking 95 of our closest friends with us to break into the Mansion) in search of your esposa. And you know what? Chris Harrison is muy confident that she’s waiting for you in the wings.

How do we know? Well, on August 30, the host with the most tweeted at Juan Pablo, “You don't realize this but you're having a great day @JuanPaGalavis #Bachelor.” And while this may look like high-powered Internet hypnosis voodoo to some, to us it carries a whole lot more meaning.

The Powers That Be at ABC and The Bachelor’s production company NXT are in the process of selecting a lady friend for JPG, and so we have one big reading on Chris Harrison’s tweet: They Have Found Her. But, since we’re still sitting safely, daydreamingly behind our desks, he must be mistaken.

We’ve narrowed down the list of qualities Juan Pablo’s wife must have, and since we’ve now changed our lives to fit every single one of them (we’re doing squats as we speak), we’d be pretty triste if the search is over. On the other hand, if Chris is really so confident that he seems to be boasting to the next Bachelor that they done good, then we are stoked to see what he’s found to back up that claim.

On the other hand, it could just be that Internet hypnosis thing…

Source: Twitter

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