Juan Pablo Galavis Will Be on Andi’s Bachelorette Premiere — Why?
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Juan Pablo Galavis Will Be on Andi’s Bachelorette Premiere — Why?

ABC just can’t get enough of Juan Pablo Galavis (surprise to us, too), and Juan Pablo just can’t get enough of being on TV (or tongue lashings from Andi Dorfman, apparently). El Bachelor tells Life & Style that when Andi’s season kicks off on May 19, we’ll get a little taste of him, too! How’s that? Because the Season 18 star says he’ll be making an appearance on Monday’s The Bachelorette premiere!

Um, why? Not that we’re not eager for some fireworks, but we’re not sure what all Juan Pabs has to add to the show other than a string of “ees OKs”. JPG goes on to say “I gave her advice when she was announced, so you’ll see me on May 19 doing something.” Thanks for the clarification, buddy.

We wonder what “advice” the former soccer star gave Andi. He recently had a Twitter exchange about the show in which girlfriend Nikki said The Hunger Games reminded her of their season 18 stint. Considering his response wasEmbrace The Probability Of Your Eminent Death And Know In Your Heart There Is Nothing I Can Do To Save You," we’re betting his words of wisdom for Andi will be the most helpful she’s ever heard in her life. Maybe he has a home remedy for tracker jacker venom he shared with her? Or maybe he taught her to cook squirrels?

Whatever the “something” we’ll see Juan “doing” on Andi’s premiere, we’re sure it’ll be absolutely magical. We’ve already programmed our besties into speed dial and cleared our schedule for the rest of the week so we can recover. We’re set Juanie Boy, bring on round two.

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