Producers Call Juan Pablo Galavis “Worst Bachelor Ever” — Report
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The Bachelor

Producers Call Juan Pablo Galavis “Worst Bachelor Ever” — Report

As much as we cherish every moment of watching The Bachelor, part of the fun of the show is loving to hate the man who hands out the roses. And while Sean Lowe managed to emerge from his season looking like a remarkably decent human being, some of the more recent Bachelors (read: Ben Flajnik, Brad Womack, Jake Pavelka...) haven’t been so lucky. But is Juan Pablo Galavis the worst of all?

In our humble opinion, we’re not sure anyone’s Bachelor tenure can ever be less appealing than Jake’s painful courtship of Vienna Girardi back in 2010. But Bachelor producers seem to think Juan Pablo makes poor Jake look like, say, Ryan Gosling.

“Everyone on the show is just so over [Juan Pablo] and cannot wait for this season to be over,” a source tells E! Online. The source adds that the show’s execs were especially livid when Juan Pablo’s anti-gay comments made the week before Sean and Catherine Giudici’s wedding ended up stealing the spotlight a bit from the nuptials. And a second source adds that people on the show consider JPG to be “the worst Bachelor ever.”

Ouch! Certainly, this seems to back up comments Chris Harrison has made about Juan Pabs making mistakes over the course of the season and failing to live up to his pre-season hype. And you all seem to agree as well, as an astonishing 82 percent of you voted Juan Pabs as the worst ever in our recent poll.

So, who knows? Maybe Juan Pablo can manage to redeem himself in tonight’s finale. Then again, we’re not gonna hold our breath…

Do you agree that Juan Pablo is the worst Bachelor ever? Or does he get a bad rap?

Source: E! Online