There's no doubt that it's not easy carrying out a relationship in the public eye. But given that The Bachelor Season 18's Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell seem to have been going to strong for nearly a year now, you'd think they would stop carrying about the haters. Apparently, that isn't the case. 

Juan Pablo took an opportunity to vent at any naysayers over the weekend after one of his Twitter followers offered support to JPG and Nikki. "By the way, all you @JuanPaGalavis and @Nikki_Ferrell haters can kiss my ass," the fan tweeted.

Clearly, Juan Pablo appreciated the shout-out, and so he responded: "Mine TOO jajajja." So he might have added that laughter at the end of his message, but it definitely appears as though Juan Pablo is still bothered by anyone who doubts his romance with Nikki.

And speaking of that romance, what's the latest on it? Well, the two did not spend the Fourth of July together, as JPG posted pics over the weekend from Miami, while Nikki was in Kansas City. In fact, Juan Pablo hasn't posted a pic to Instagram of himself with Nikki since June 26. Still, Juan Pablo recently tweeted about wanting to get married in Venezuela, so we can only hope that will happen for them soon enough!

Do you think Juan Pablo was wrong to tweet at haters? Or was he just joking around?

SourceJuan Pablo on Twitter