Juan Pablo Going to Extreme Measures to Bulk Up For Bachelor?
Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Instagram    

The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Going to Extreme Measures to Bulk Up For Bachelor?

Should we blame / thank Sean Lowe for this?

Sean gave America many musclegasms as the Season 17 Bachelor, then shook the goods again on Dancing With the Stars. Now Juan Pablo Galavis has to follow that act — which will soon include meeting 25 new girlfriends — and he may be looking to pump himself up for the process.

Juan posted this photo, promoting a bunch of Total Nutrition products. There's stuff like "Shred," "Razor," "Isolate" "Engag3D Extreme," blah blah blah — oh, but there's something with "chocolate" too! So it can’t be all that bad.

Juan shared this note with the pic, in his helpful bilingual style: "Thanks to my BOY @DanIelGCox for getting me some JUICE from @totalnutritionlv to get BIG like him / Gracias al pana Dan por mandarme los SUPLEMENTOS..." That’s a call out to Dan Cox, who was with JPG on The Bachelorette Season 9. Dan replied, “now get to the gym bro!!!! I've done all I can do.”

We hear so much about women wanting to look thinner, fitter, prettier, whatever — so it’s always nice to have a reminder that men worry about their looks too. That said, we love our Juan Pablo exactly the way he is — and what's going to happen to his tweets if he juices up even more? Will he go from occasional ALL CAPS EXCITEMENT to full tweets of the stuff? It could get scary. But we're going to need to see a lot of post-workout shirtless pics to be sure. So … just keep us posted, JP!

Source: Instagram